Rough Video Sample: Video 1 (Above)

This rough sample of the first video gives an idea of how the 6-video series will look. David Wheeler will be joining me as a co-host, and well be adding more improv humor. The video series will be accompanied by PowerPoints, exercises, and quizzes (below).

Proposal Summary

Many students need to know who to acquire media legally for use in projects and professional work such as social media, remixing, web publishing, journalism, video production, online presentations, and other media productions. Yet, few faculty have the time to teach it in the curriculum.

In 2018, Juliet Davis received a Learning Enrichment Grant to create what she thought would be a single PowerPoint and video on "Copyright, Copyleft, and Fair Use." 
However, a larger project emerged.


This project will be a 6-part training series of entertaining videos (with the PowerPoints, exercises, and quizzes) that teach students how to use a wide range of media and easily understand the complexities of copyright law as it applies to their practical circumstances.


David Wheeler has joined the project as an improv actor, voiceover, and collaborator.

STIPENDS:   Juliet Davis $1500
                     David Wheeler $1500

Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this learning series, students will be able to:
  • define and recognize copyright and infringement,
  • use outside media legally in social media, remixing, video production, web publishing, class presentations, and other projects, 
  • find free media sources and document the licensing/permissions, 
  • use guidelines for “fair use,”
  • register copyright to protect original work, 
  • use Creative Commons licensing to grant sharing permission, 
  • make informed decisions about using media in specific contexts.

Online Learning:
Online viewing and quiz-taking


Flipped Classes:

Online viewing and quiz-taking followed by in-class exercises


Traditional Delivery: 

In-class PowerPoint presentations and video examples

PowerPoint Rough Drafts Completed
(LEG 2018)

The PowerPoint from the 2018 Learning Enrichment Grant has been partitioned into 6 PowerPoint drafts.
Download them below for review.

(LEG 2020)

Intended deliverables for the 2020-2021 Learning Enrichment Grant:

6 revised PowerPoints

6 Short Videos with Multimedia

Exercises at the end of each

Formatted Bibliographies

6 Quizzes

Related Courses


COM 224 Mass Media and Society (SS)
         9 sections per semester
COM 232 Visual Literacy (A)
         5 sections per semester
COM 222 Media Aesthetics & Creativity (A)
         3 sections per semester
COM 242 Digital Citizenship (A)
         4 sections per semester
FMX 210 Digital Media (A)

         5 sections per semester

ART 110 Foundations: Digital Media (A)             
 sections per semester


JOU 101 Intro to Journalism

         3 sections per semester
COM 302 Digital Media & Design for Communication

         3 sections per semester
COM 327 Copyright Law COM

         1 section per semester
383 Advertising Creative Direction

         3 sections per semester
COM 436 Communication and Media Ethics

         4 sections per semester



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